Macrame Care


You can clean macrame works with a sticky roller (we also use it to clean clothes and other items covered with fabric). In addition to this method, the macrame work can be picked up and gently shaken to remove dust, or you can use a soft brush or a gentle vacuum cleaner to keep your work clean and dust free.

If in some macrame work (such as an angel's dress or certain parts of wall decor) there is a combed part of the string, in order to maintain the aesthetics of the work, you can gently and lightly comb the cotton fibers with an ordinary comb. At the same time, you should pay attention to the knots if there are any around, or, for example, in the case of angels, pay attention to the legs, so that you do not get stuck with the comb and pull the fibers.

When handling macrame products, make sure your hands are clean to avoid transferring dirt to the fibers. Before installing the macrame work, always make sure that you have installed the hook, nail or wall brackets strong enough.

Here are some tips on where to place Macrame Plant Holders:
Ceiling - if you place them on the ceiling, that way you will save a lot of space and fill empty corners of the room, such as next to a window or balcony, which could be ideal for your plant as well. A hook must first be installed on the ceiling.
Wall - if you want to place them somewhere along the wall, we recommend that you first install a wall bracket (recommendation of an L-shaped wall bracket) or a thicker and longer nail. Recommendation: for the sake of healthy plant growth and aesthetic appearance, distance the hanger with the plant from the wall.
Curtain rod - make sure it is very strong, so that it can withstand the weight of the plant.
Macrame Wall Hanging Decorations - all this works can be placed on your empty walls where a nail has been previously installed or perhaps some other wall support of your choice.

Avoid direct sunlight
Macrame products may fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. To maintain their color and quality, keep them out of direct sunlight.

When not in use, store your macrame items in a dry and clean place. It is recommended to put them in a clean bag so that dust does not collect. Arrange them nicely, straighten the string with your hands, so that it wrinkle as little as possible, just like we do with clothes.

During delivery, the macrame works will be slightly wrinkled, because they are made of 100% cotton cord. If you install them immediately, the macrame will return to its original state in a short time, and if the macrame contains a combed part of the cord, feel free to take any comb and gently comb the cotton fibers.

Our macrame items are made of natural fibers, such as cotton or jute, which can be adversely affected by high humidity. Keep your macrame products away from damp areas such as bathrooms or basements to prevent mold growth.

Safety of pets and children
Take precautions if you have pets or small children. Macrame products may have hanging cords or be made of materials that could pose a risk if pulled or chewed. Make sure your hanging items are securely fastened to prevent macrame items from falling by accidental pulling.

We do not recommend washing macrame items.

Adaptation and modifications
Avoid altering or cutting specific parts of the macrame item or knots as this can compromise the integrity of the design and functionality. If you want any modifications, please contact us.