About Us

We are Mirta and Antonia, privately twin sisters, and professionally a small team behind the Mitu Makrame craft, which in 2022. officially opened. We are from Petrijevci in eastern Slavonia, our beautiful plain. Since we were little, we were familiar with some handwork techniques, which our mother taught us, and most of all knitting and crocheting. Through our sisterly gatherings around 2018, we came into contact with the macrame technique. Macrame is a form of textile produced by the technique of tying knots using only the fingers. In the beginning, it was another hand-made technique that we would try to master, and since we didn't know anything about it, except that the only tool for making it was our hands, we started researching on the Internet, learning and improvising with the materials we had at home .

 Mitu Makrame twin sisters from east Slavonija, Croatia

The reason why we completely dedicate ourselves to the macrame technique is the infinite performance possibilities and the different types of useful objects that can be created, all with the use of natural materials. Macrame has a very rich history, and there are many types of knots that can be used, so it is a challenge for us to always discover new types and applications in design. The picture below shows one of our first works, which we especially like because it was created by improvisation and for practice, and in the end served as a holder for a mini terrariums.

Mitu Makrame macrame art, handmade tehnique using a lot of different types of knots

However, the most important thing is how we feel while making all the items. Macrame showed us and brought to life the feeling of peace, relaxation, freedom and creativity. That's where we found ourselves, in our little oasis.

Mitu Makrame vezanje čvorova ručna tehnika izrade

The primary materials we work with are cotton cord and wood. In addition to them, we also use metal rings or carabiners. We work with several types of 100% recycled cotton cords in combination with quality beech wood. In addition to beech, we also use natural branches found in nature.

The cord we use has OEKO-TEX approval according to STANDARD 100. This means that it has been tested at every stage of production and does not contain substances harmful to health. It can be used safely, even in products for infants and people with allergies. The certificate guarantees that the products marked with it do not contain harmful substances, including pesticides, allergens, dyes and heavy metals.

Mitu Makrame špage

Our current offer consists of home decoration items, interior and exterior; DIY Kits and Digital Guides for making.

Through DIY packages and Digital Guides, our goal is to encourage more people to engage in handwork and get to know the macrame technique. We came up with this idea through our own experience, in order to make it easier for other creatives who want to learn this technique to get started.

The emphasis of macrame works is on their functionality, quality and natural aesthetics, and they are applicable for different purposes and can last for decades.

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