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Mitu Makrame

Macrame Angels

Macrame Angels

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If you have a special occasion and looking for a unique gift, or you simply want to show your loved ones that you care about them with a small token of attention, our angels are the ideal gift for you.

Angels are our faithful friends who are always with us. They are messengers of peace, friendship, care and togetherness, and carry a warm message to each person to whom they are intended. As such, they are often given as gifts for first communions, confirmations, and can also be a thank you gift at a wedding or for some other occasion.
They are made of natural materials, delicate cotton string and wooden head, with a lot of attention to the finest details, and each angel is unique.

COLOR OPTION: Natural White, Beige, Terracotta. Choose the right color for you.

Note: The stated price of the angel refers to the quantity of 1 piece.
If you want to order a larger quantity of angels, contact us and we will agree on the details, delivery time and price.
After your purchase, we start making the product. No macrame work is immediately available for delivery. See the current production time in the header of the home page.

Thank you for choosing handmade and supporting our small craft from Croatia.


100% recycled cotton cord's with wooden bead.


Height 20 cm, Width 8 cm.

Care Instructions

Macrame is intended for use in dry areas. Do not expose to rain or excessive moisture. Do not expose near open flames such as candles, avoid steam in the kitchen, etc.
To remove accumulated dust, take the macrame outside and shake it gently with your hands, and use a sticky roller.
Washing is not recommended.
If the macrame contains a combed part of the string, feel free to gently comb it with an ordinary comb, because the fibers naturally get tangled during transport.

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