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DIY Macrame KIT for Beginners (2 pcs Plant Hangers)

DIY Macrame KIT for Beginners (2 pcs Plant Hangers)

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Discover the creative soul in yourself or cheer up a loved ones with this unique craft gift. Relax in your home, learn a new skill and make two unique hangers for your plants.

* Cotton cord's for making 2 pcs of plant hangers in natural white color
* Wooden ring's - 2 pcs 
* A card with basic informations about this macrame project which contains a QR code that takes you directly to the pdf guide. (You can download it to any device). More about digital guides read here.

SKILL LEVEL: For Beginners, without prior knowledge and experience in macrame. Read more here.
LANGUAGE: English or Croatian (This means that the entire package is adapted to the language you choose, including the Digital (pdf) guide with all the instructions)
COLOR CHOICE: You can choose in which color of cotton cords you want to knot both plant hangers.

This interesting Kit is designed to make it easy for beginners to make 2 pieces of the same plant hanger design, without the need to purchase materials or come up with designs and measurements yourself, all from the comfort of your home. It is an ideal gift for all plant lovers.

After your purchase, we start making the product. No macrame work is immediately available for delivery. See the current production time in the header of the home page.

Thank you for choosing handmade and supporting our small craft from Croatia. 
We wish you a happy knotting!


You will make this plant hangers with 100% recycled cotton cord's and wooden rings.


The total length of the plant hanger is approx. 105 cm. They are intended for plant pots with 18 cm in diameter.

Care Instructions

Macrame is intended for use in dry areas. Do not expose to rain or excessive moisture. Do not expose near open flames such as candles, avoid steam in the kitchen, etc.
To remove accumulated dust, take the macrame outside and shake it gently with your hands, and use a sticky roller.
Washing is not recommended.
If the macrame contains a combed part of the string, feel free to gently comb it with an ordinary comb, because the fibers naturally get tangled during transport.

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