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Macrame pattern ''Heart'' Wall Decor (pdf guide)

Macrame pattern ''Heart'' Wall Decor (pdf guide)

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With this macrame guide, create a unique wall decor, and give it to a loved one or simply to yourself.

Detailed instructions step by step, from the beginning to the very end of making this Heart shaped Wall Decor. PDF consists of text and image part. Through pictures, we show precisely how to place the cord's, how to tie knots, and thus every further important step of making. In the text part, we explain absolutely everything else that you need to know in the making and what can make it easier for you. Read more here.

SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
Read more here.

WITH yarn / WITHOUT yarn - If you don't want to insert yarn, don't worry, the PDF describes in detail how to make a wall hanging without yarn in the middle of the heart.

This is an instant download and a digital product (the guide comes in PDF format)
Materials are not included

The guide is written in ENGLISH 

We are working to ensure that all digital guides are also in Croatian.

Thank you for choosing handmade and supporting our small craft from Croatia. 
We wish you a happy and cheerful knotting!


Materials are not included.
In this pattern you're gonna find description of materials needed to create this beautiful piece and we used 100% natural unbleached twisted cotton cord with addition of loopy yarn in pinks, orange, coral on a wooden stick of spruce wood.


When you finish this project, if you use the same material as we do, your wall decor will be:
Width: 25 cm
Height: 50 cm

Care Instructions

Macrame is intended for use in dry areas. Do not expose to rain or excessive moisture. Do not expose near open flames such as candles, avoid steam in the kitchen, etc.
To remove accumulated dust, take the macrame outside and shake it gently with your hands, and use a sticky roller.
Washing is not recommended.
If the macrame contains a combed part of the string, feel free to gently comb it with an ordinary comb, because the fibers naturally get tangled during transport.

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