Collection: Digital Macrame Pattern's (PDF guides)

You want to make macrame work with your materials, but you need an instructions and measurements for creating? Then our macrame guides are ideal for you.  Below we will briefly describe the most important informations you need to know about our guides. (If you need additional clarification or advice about the patterns, creation itself, feel free to contact us by e-mail and we will help you).

What do you get in one digital pattern?
Each guide contains complete instructions through the textual and visual part, from the beginning to the end of making the macrame work. The guide contains information's such as: the exact measurements of the cord's (how many meters you need, and how many cm you cut the cord's with which you will knot), the names of the knots, what type and thickness of the cord we use, and many other tips that help you in making. Each step is shown through photos, so you know how to lay the cord, how to tie the first knot, how the knot forms the design, etc.

This is an instant download and a digital product (the guide comes in PDF format). You can download them to the device of your choice (laptop, mobile phone, iPad).

Materials are not included

We have classified each guide according to skill level, so you can immediately know which is the right choice for you.
Beginner - these guides are intended for beginners in macrame making. It is not necessary to have any knowledge of the macrame tehnique to create these types of macrame works. It doesn't even matter if you've been creative before or if you have ever tied a macrame knot. With our guide, you will be able to master macrame work.
Intermediate- for those who have some prior knowledge of knotting or want to try a slightly more demanding creative macrame projects. For this level, you need a little more will and patience. These are quite simple macrame projects with slightly more demanding designs, which do not require a lot of knowledge, but you must keep in mind that they are still a bit more demanding than beginners, and that you gain experience with practice.
Advanced - these are quite demanding macrame projects. A certain level of experience in macrame knotting is required here.

LANGUAGE: Croatian and English.
Every macrame pattern is available in digital (pdf) form on ENGLISH language. In Croatian are available just some of them: Olivia hanging Shelf and Simple plant hanger. We are working to ensure that all digital guides are also in Croatian. Please be carefull when ordering, and select the right language for you.

Just prepare the materials yourself, because they do not come with our digital pattern's, and you can start creating.
Happy knotting!